Connection request to Sudstroum

  • A plan of the metering panel in the case of a building with several meters. The metering panels of the different parts of the building as well as the corresponding distribution panels must be identified by labels mentioning the number of the vertical cadastre, in order to allow the unequivocal attribution of consumption. These numbers must also appear on the board panel.
  • an extract of the min. cadastral plan 1:2500
  • an extract of the vertical cadastral plan
  • a layout plan at a 1:500 scale
  • a plan of the cellar or, in the case of a residence, a plan of the technical premises as well as a plan of the basements.

The connection address must be complete and precise (post code, house number, street). In apartments please state the floor number and/or the number or the localisation of the apartment (e.g. 2nd floor, left hand side). If there is no street name, please state the cadastral number or the hamlet or the name of the housing estate. Please indicate the type of construction and, in the case of a residence, the name of it.

New or modified connection (in principle during the new construction of a building or a connection to an existing building), you will need to attach the following documents when submitting your request:

New: Connection requestion for charging station(s)

As of 1 January 2023, it is mandatory to use the form below for applications for the installation of charging stations.

This form is only valid for the installation of charging stations and may not be used for any other purpose. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the following elements mentioned in the annex of the form must be attached to the application by e-mail or by post. Otherwise, the application will not be processed:

  • Photo of the metering panel
  • Photo of the main box
  • Photo of the meter fuses
  • Plan(s) / photos of the connection

Connection requestion to medium voltage (“MV”)

In this case you need to add the following documents:

  • a map of the routing of the MV cables
  • an access plan to the MV sub-station
  • a single-line diagram of the transformer station, as well as all the plans and diagrams necessary in accordance with article 3 of the T.A.B. M.V.

Please indicate on the form for each type of use the number of readers desired as well as their amperage.

Change/ amendment of an existing connection

For the installation of an extra meter in an apartment which is already connected to the electricity network. Please mention the number and amperages of meters existing under 3). You will also need to attach a plan of the metering panel to your request.

  • when moving the connection box
  • when moving or renewing the distribution panel

in the event of modification of the intensity of the existing connection

Useful information for the installation process of meters for heavy consumers

Please find below the procedure to follow to install an MV meter.

Meter reading

This only occurs if the meter in question no longer has any use. The connection itself and at least one meter must remain in place. In the event of modification of the type of construction (a single-family house becomes a residence) or in case of extension of an existing construction, please attach the documents listed under 2A)

Removal of a connection

The connection between the public network and the customer’s facilities is permanently removed. All meters in place will be automatically removed.

When you request one or more additional meters on an existing connection, please indicate the number and amperage of existing meters by category and send us a plan of the metering panel.

According to TAB regulations (Technische Anschlussbedingungen, Technical connection conditions), it is mandatory to indicate the individual devices with a power over than 12kW which are subject to approval by the network manager. In the event of an energy production installation such as a photovoltaic installation or combined heat-electricity production, please attach the technical data of the installation to your request.

It is the customer who will pay for the connection to the network. All connection contracts must be signed by the customer.

If the customer is a tenant, he or she will need signed authorisation from the owner of the building.

Any connection request must be signed by an approved electrician with an Establishment Authorisation, or a “Certificate of prior declaration in order to provide occasional and temporary services in the territory of the G.-D. of Luxembourg”, issued by the Ministry of Small Firms and Traders and Tourism, authorising him/her to carry out the activities of an electrician.

Any fault, defect or lack of information can only delay the processing of your request.

Request for temporary connection

The temporary connection request is only applicable for short-term events (market sale, fair, demonstrations, etc.).

All requests for temporary connection must be sent at least two weeks in advance before the start of the event.

Applicable rates

Service catalogue

Prices applicable from January, 1st 2024

General conditions for network connection:

General terms of network use:

General conditions for network connection:

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