Connection forms

Please find below the list of forms to be completed in case of new or existing request:

  • A plan of the metering panel in the case of a building with several meters. The metering panels of the different parts of the building as well as the corresponding distribution panels must be identified by labels mentioning the number of the vertical cadastre, in order to allow the unequivocal attribution of consumption. These numbers must also appear on the board panel.
  • an extract of the min. cadastral plan 1:2500
  • an extract of the vertical cadastral plan
  • a layout plan at a 1:500 scale
  • a plan of the cellar or, in the case of a residence, a plan of the technical premises as well as a plan of the basements.

All requests for temporary connection must be sent at least two weeks in advance before the start of the event.

As of 1 January 2023, it is mandatory to use the form below for applications for the installation of charging stations.

This form is only valid for the installation of charging stations and may not be used for any other purpose. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the following elements mentioned in the annex of the form must be attached to the application by e-mail or by post. Otherwise, the application will not be processed:

  • Photo of the metering panel
  • Photo of the main box
  • Photo of the meter fuses
  • Plan(s) / photos of the connection

Terms and conditions of connection to the grid :

Terms and conditions use of the network :

Useful information for the process of installing meters for hign consumption clients :

Technical terms of connection to the grid

Electrical lockout:


Integrated electricity supply

Liste des documents couvrant une demande de fourniture :

Service catalogue – power


To terminate your current contract, simply use the following form:


Consumption data

Telecommunications ( internet, tv and land line)

Esch Speed (Internet)

Esch View (TV)

Esch Relax (Internet, TV, téléphone fixe)

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