Electro Mobility

Electro Mobility

Survey on the implementation of new public charging stations in Esch-sur-Alzette

Sudstroum informs you that a new survey regarding electromobility in Esch-sur-Alzette is now available.

Electromobility has become an essential component of the commute. Whether you are a resident or a professional in the city, this survey directly concerns you.

Your opinion is importat to us. We are gathering your ideas regarding the new locations for public. Your suggestions will guide our planning.

By participating, you will actively contribute to the evolution of electromobility in the city.

Thank you for your commitment and your contribution to the sustainable development of our community.

SUDSTROUM is part of the national technical group called “Electro-Mobility” and thus oversees the installation and maintenance of the charging stations planned on the territory of the town of Esch-sur-Alzette.

Do you drive an EV ( electric vehicle) or are you considering purchasing one? Sudstroum offers you several services, namely:

Installation of a charging station at home

Sudstroum has a special offer for its customers in energy.

Please find below an explanation of the procedure linked to installing an EV charging station install.

Private EV charging station for a single family home

  • Client requests a quote for an EV charging station
  • Photographs of the current connection: client sends pictures of the counting board, main box, meter fuses, connection
  • Sudstroum transfers the request along with the pictures to the subcontractor who will set a meeting to check the current connection. It takes +- 1 hour.
  • Sudstroum sends the quote to the client
  • Client signs quote and Sudstroum informs subcontractor to set a meeting to install it. Subcontractor has to send a connection request to the grid owner
  • Current offer !

    Charging station

    Mennekes Amtron Compact (11kW)

    1883,76€ VAT included instead of 1900 € VAT included (1,2,3)

    (1) Fixed price for a maximum distance of 10m from the electrical cable.

    The package price includes:

    • Differential 40A 30ma
    • Circuit breaker C16
    • 10M 5x6mm2
    • One drilling on the wall
    • One wall fixation
    • Authorisation request

    (2) Information on subsidies are available on www.klima-agence.lu and Energy saving consultancy & subsidies – Sudstroum

    (3) VAT has been reduced to 16% for 2023.

    EV charging systems for appartment buildings

    First of all, you need to inform the other landlords and obtain their approval in order to instal the EV charging station.

    It is important to check the number of internal garages and external parking places attached to the cadastral parcel. The Grand-Ducal Regulation of 19 August 2020 introducing financial aid for the installation of private charging stations for electric vehicles indicates the terms.

    In the case where there are less than four (4) garages inside or outside attached to the building: you may install a private EV chaging stations.

    For building over 4 garages attched to the building: you will have to connect an intelligent EV charging which may have as well a load management.

    If you wish to install a charging station at home, please contact our customer service ( +352 26 78 37 87 686 or by e-mail backoffice@sudstroum.lu) in order to have all the necessary information about the steps to take.

    Connection request for charging stations

    As of January 1, 2023, it is mandatory to use the form below for charging station installation requests.

    This form is only valid for the installation of charging stations and cannot be used for any other purpose. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the following items mentioned in the appendix of the form must be attached to the application by e-mail or by post. Otherwise, the application will not be processed:

    Documents à rajouter

    • Photo of the counting board
    • Photo of the main box
    • Photo of meter fuses
    • Plan(s) / photos of the connection

    State subsidies

    New: The Règlement Grand-Ducal of the subsidy programme for the installation of charging stations will be extended from January 2023 until the 31st of December 2024*. Future subsidies may also be requested for semi-mobile charging stations while leasing is now also supported.

    * subject to the finalisation of regulatory and legislative procedures and with retroactive effect to 1 January 2023<br>

    Documents à rajouter

    • Subsidies for semi-mobile charging stations
    • Now availalbe as well for Syndic and Associations like ASBL
    • A landlord owning multiple garages may receive subsidies for all of them
    • Cost associated to preparatory work is also subsidized ( up to 450EUR)


    Parking placesCharging stationSubsidyApplicants
    1-3 parking places Semi-mobile charging station(1) Up to 750 € • Owner
    • Tenant
    • Property management company
    1-3 parking places Simple charging station(1)50% of the purchasing price excluding VAT

    Up to 750 €
    • Owner
    • Tenant
    • Property management company
    Smart charging station (2) 50 % of the purchasing price excluding VAT

    Up to 1.200 €
    • Owner
    • Tenant
    • Property management company
    >= 4 parking placesSmart charging station (2) 50 % of the purchasing price excluding VAT

    Up to 1.200 €
    • Owner
    • Tenant
    • Property management company
    Charging station integrated into a collective smart charging management system (3) 50 % of the purchasing price excluding VAT

    Up to 1.650 €
    • Owner
    • Tenant
    • Property management company

    (1)complies with connection regulations (TAB)
    (2)complies with connection regulations (TAB) + OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)
    (3)complies with connection requirements (TAB) + smart collective system managing all the charging stations in the building
    For further information, please contact our Customer service via e-mail: backoffice@sudstroum.lu
    Please find additional information on www.klima-agence.lu

    Example 1: A small condo /single family house with up to three garages and/ or parking places. In this case it will be possible to install simple charging stations or a smart charging station. The grid owner determines the maximum power authorised for the cadastral parcel. The total power of the charging stations must be lower than or equal to the power authorised by the network manager. Financial aid are listed in the table below.

    Example 2: A condo with ten garages and/or parking places. In this case, OCPP charging stations must be installed (version 1.6 or higher) or those managed by a collective smart charging management system are eligible. The charging stations(s) integrated into this system must be connected to the charging management system, i.e. the system must be activated as soon as the first charging station is installed. The network manager determines the maximum power authorised for the cadastral parcel. The total power of the charging stations must be lower than or equal to the power authorised by the network manager. Financial aid is listed in the table below.

    « Chargy MKaart »

    The “Chary MKaart” card is a personal card which allows you to recharge your vehicle at all charging stations in the Chargy network.

    Access to Chargy charging stations with a preferential rate for energy customers and another rate for non-energy customers

    Becoming an E-Mobility customer

    To become an E-Mobility customer, you may complete the below contract and send it per Email to backoffice@sudstroum.lu. You have also the possibility simply to request it directly at the front desk ( 11, rue de Luxembourg in Esch-sur-Alzette). The Chargy MKaart will be activated within 48 hours.

    Only for non-energy customers: the Chargy card will be given to you against a deposit of €15, which will be refunded to you on return.

    E-Mobility Rates

    Given the recent commissioning of Super Chargy (DC) charging stations, Sudstroum has decided to adapt the rates according to the type (AC/DC) from 1 January 2022.

    Invoicing will be done on a monthly basis.

    YearTyp of customerChargy Rates ( <22 kW)Super Chargy Rates ( >22 kW)
    2023/2024Energy Customers (1) 36,00 cts / kWh TTC48,50 cts / kWh TTC
    2023/2024Non-Energy Customers (2) 40,00 cts / kWh TTC52,50 cts / kWh TTC

    (1) Annual fee for Energy Customer: 12 EUR
    (2) Annual fee for Non- Energy Customer: 24 EUR

    Note that by subscribing to direct debit as well as electronic billing, you benefit from a discount of €12/year.

    Termination of the E-Mobility contract

    the client may terminate the contrat at any given time. the below form needs to be completed and send by Email:

    • Return of the E-Mobility card. The termination will take effect on the last day of the current month.

    What is the energy quality?

    Charging stations are only supplied with renewable energy.

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