Types of payment


In order to pay your bill, all you have to do is launching Digicash App, scan the QR code at the bottom right-hand side of the page and finally validate with your code.

Bank transfer

You will find on the back of your annual instalment/statement a pre-filled transfer. Please add your bank account, sign and submit it to your bank.

Direct Debit and/or electronic bill

With automatic withdrawal or direct debit, you have nothing to worry about, the amount of your bill is withdrawn automatically from your bank account every month. Subscribe to direct debit and you benefit from an annual discount of €12.

Electronic invoicing is free and allows you to receive all instalments and statements by e-mail. In this way, you benefit from an annual discount of €12. By choosing the Terra Online / Terra Invest Online products, you benefit from the discount of direct debit and an electronic bill of an annual amount of €24.

How do I proceed? Complete the link below and send it duly signed and completed.


Tel : +352 26 783 787-686
Fax : +352 26 783 787-88

Email : backoffice@sudstroum.lu


Sudstroum S.àr.l & Co S.e.c.s.

11, rue de Luxembourg
L-4220 Esch-sur-Alzette

If required our team is available to help you in this process and answer any questions of necessary.

Partial payment on invoices

Following the new electricity law of June, 6th 2023, Sudstroum informs its customers of the possibility of scheduling partial payments of unpaid invoice(s). The amount and/or number of monthly payments (scaling of unpaid amounts) must be fixed by mutual agreement between the customer and Sudstroum. This measure aims to avoid any cut in electricity supply.

Please send us your requests to Email: backoffice@sudstroum.lu Telephone +352 26 783 787-686.

Extract from the law [article 2. 4 g]: Suppliers inform residential customers about alternative measures to interruption of supply sufficiently in advance of the planned interruption. These alternative measures refer to energy audits, energy advisory services, alternative payment plans, debt management advice or moratoriums with regard to interruption of supply, and do not imply additional cost for customers faced with an interruption of supply.

In the event of financial difficulty, we recommend that you contact the social services (” Office Social”) of your municipality to obtain the assistance provided for by the legislation in force. Please find the list of social offices in Luxembourg.

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