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100% green energy, TERRA INVEST certified renewable energy is made up of electric energy produced based on hydroelectric and wind plants.

It contains no component from production plants based on nuclear energy or gas or coal combustion and thus produces no CO2 emission.

In addition to these advantages already known by the TERRA product, you will participate, by subscribing to the TERRA INVEST product and for a small supplement of only 0.4 c/kWh, actively in the promotion and consequent extension of renewable energy, by supporting the development of efficiency, either the construction of new renewable energy production facilities or those brought back to the cutting edge of technology during the last 6 years.

Prices of energy consumption valid from 1st January 2024

Breakdown of your bill Unit price for Individuals Unit price for business
Energy consumption per day 202416.39 ct/kWh17.29 ct/kWh
Network cost (3)7.50 ct/kWh7.50 ct/kWh
Energy premium (1) 24.00 EUR/ year24.00 EUR/ year
Fixed fee for access to the LV network (4)181.92 EUR/ year181.92 EUR/ year
Compensation fund (2)-11.55 ct/kWh-11.55 ct/kWh
Electricity Tax0.100 ct/kWh0.100 ct/kWh
(1) The customer has also the possibility to subscribe without direct debit and without electronic invoice. In this case the customer has to pay an additional fee of 24€ per year (or 2€ per month).
(2) The value of the Compensation Fund has been set at -11.55 cents/kWh for the period from January 1st 2024 for residential customers with an annual consumption of less than 25,000 kWh/year.
(3) The network usage cost LV has been fixed at 7.50 ct/ kWh from January 1st 2024.
(4) The fixed fee access to LV network has been adaptef from 181.92 €/Y from January 1st 2024.

  • Individuals
  • Business
  • Terra Invest Online 2024

    0.1639€/KwH +24€ /year (fixed rate)*

    • 100% green energy
      from hydroelectric and wind installations
    • *Online Bills: Direct debit and electronic bill obligatory.
  • Terra Invest Online 2024

    0.1729€/KwH + 24€ /year (fixed rate)*

    • 100% green energy
      from hydroelectric and wind installations
    • *Online Bills: Direct debit and electronic bill obligatory.

Composition of the Terra Invest product: please find below the label identification sheet

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Note that the average annual consumption of a household is 2934 kWh.


SUDSTROUM applies the SAME PRICES for energy ALL over Luxembourg.

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