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The electricity price is made up of several different parts, including:

Power rates without power recording

LV professional customers – low voltage

Rates 2024

Energy prices valid from 1st January 2024.

Type of products for the G-D of Luxembourg Energy Premium Energy consumption per day
Type of products€ / YearCt / kWh
TERRA ONLINE 20242416.89
*Direct debit and bill obligatory. The Customer also has the option to subscribe without direct debit and in this case the amount of the annual premium is €48.

Power rates with power recording

For our LV & MV customers with recorded power, the current rates will apply.

In addition, Sudstroum can, on request, offer you suitable prices for the supply of electrical energy according to your consumption profile.

Costs of medium voltage (MV)

Network costs 2024

Energy consumption per day Pointe (prime de puissance)
Ct / kWh€ / kW/ year
MV < 3000h4.8329.02
MV > 3000h2.02113.32

Network usage cost of the grid manager

It corresponds to the energy transport infrastructure costs for a given supply point. Network usage rates are defined by the law of 1 August 2007 on the organisation of the electricity market, in order to guarantee transparency and access to the various distribution networks.

The following rates are applicable :

Tension Costs / consumption 2024
BT 40A 7.50
BT 50A 7.50
BT 63A 7.50
BT 80A 7.50
BT 100A 7.50
BT 120A 7.50

Fixed Fee to access the LV network (” basse tension”)

Please find below the applied rates from January 1st, 2024.

TensionRates 2024
LV ( “BASSE TENSION”) € / Year
supplement for 20A tranche56.40

Electricity tax

The electricity tax is a cost element imposed on consumers by the state. It is collected by all distributors on behalf of the state, the amount being set annually by the budgetary law.

The electricity tax was fixed in 2024 as follows:

  • Category A: 0.100 Ct / kWh (annual consumption < or = 25000 kWh)
  • Category B: 0.150 Ct / kWh (annual consumption > 25000 kWh)

Compensation fund

The compensation fund is a contribution which serves to encourage investment in the production of renewable energy or cogeneration.

The compensation fund is managed by the Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR), which sets the amount of this contribution annually.

The ILR has fixed by regulation the contribution to the compensation fund for the current year as follows:

Year 2024

The compensation fund has been set to -11.55 ct/kWh for residential customers with an annual consumption of less than 25’000 kWh/year from January 1st, 2024.

In 2024 the VAT rate is currently set at 8%.

While in 2023, the VAT rate has been set to 7%.

Please contact our customer service for more detailed information on pricing and setting up of a tailor-made offer.

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